Our Chopped Chinese salad



We’ve all been there.
You want something healthy to eat, but every healthy option has something missing — it’s not filling, it doesn’t taste right, or it just looks like a bowl of rabbit food. Or maybe you’ve actually gone to the trouble to get all the perfect ingredients together. Fantastic! Now you have to find the time to wash and chop each vegetable, make a dressing from scratch, and find something to do with the other nine stalks of celery you have left after using the one for your salad.
At Farmer’s Fix, we’ve set out to change all of this. Each and every one of our handcrafted salads is filling and delicious. Best of all, our salads come straight to your home or office freshly made. There’s no work to put it together, and you get the perfect portion. We only use the freshest ingredients, and source locally whenever possible. We make each of our dressings from scratch, and thoughtfully pair them with every salad.
In this post we want to tell you about one of our favorite creations, our Chopped Chinese salad. It seems like every restaurant has some sort of vaguely Asian salad, usually with canned mandarin oranges and bagged fried noodles. Maybe they sprinkle on some coconut. Maybe they keep it “healthy” with some deep fried chicken. And don’t even get us started on the dressing, usually some sort of creamy, poppy seed laden monstrosity.
We think of those as Bizzaro-World salads. We take a different approach.
Our Chopped Chinese salad has this wonderful variety of fresh, crunchy textures–the Napa cabbage, snow peas, sesame sticks, celery, carrots, and peppers all crunch and crisp and snap in their own way. Every bite is a little different, which makes it so fun to eat in addition to being truly delicious. Our homemade sweet chili dressing–complex, rich, slightly spicy and slightly sweet–is good enough to drink on its own, and ties everything together beautifully.
The Chopped Chinese salad is the salad that started it all–the first salad we made for friends and family that consistently received “oohs” and “aahs” and “you really should sell these.” We hope you like it as much as we do!

Stay Healthy San Diego,
Dave & Doug