How do Farmer’s Fix salads stay fresh in my fridge for 5 days?

  • Handcrafted in our Sorrento Valley kitchen, not at a co-packing plant in a zip code you’d never recognize.
  • Fresh ingredients, sourced right before they are made and delivered to you. Less time on a truck in transit means the fastest time from the farm to your fridge.
  • A relentless focus on eliminating unnecessary moisture.

Why is a Farmer’s Fix subscription a healthy option for me?

We have designed Farmer’s Fix to make natural, healthy, and delicious food convenient and enjoyable.
Our mission is to make Farmer’s Fix your easiest way to eat healthy.

I love these and want them for my business lunch. How do I get that?

Please Contact Us for event catering or business orders.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We also use a variety of local produce experts, including Specialty Produce.

I hate plastic waste. What should I do?

  • Rest assured. Farmer’s Fix salads come in non-plastic 24oz compostable Ingeo bowls. They are made of vegetables and compost into soil.
  • We reuse our insulated cooler bags and icepacks for delivery.


Do you use organic ingredients?

A majority of the vegetables you eat in our salads are organic. When we can get organic produce that meets our standards, we do it. Fresh produce supply chain is notoriously tricky but you can always count on our lentils, quinoa, and farro to be certified organic.

These salads are so satisfying! Am I consuming a calorie bomb?

Farmer’s Fix salads come in 24oz bowls packed with organic grains, greens, and all natural ingredients. Nutrition estimates are available here but generally speaking our delicious salads range from 300 to 700 calories.

What if I am allergic to something or sensitive to gluten?

Absolutely no problem. We’ve carefully designed our menu to offer gluten-free salad options. Major allergen info is also included. Please note that we utilize a shared commercial kitchen facility that likely has exposure to peanuts.


Is my Farmer’s Fix order a subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your no-commitment subscription anytime.

May I order once and not subscribe?

If you’d like to order once, we are still happy to bring you our handcrafted salads. Simply sign up, and then cancel your subscription. You will only receive one order.

I’m going out of town! How do I pause my subscription?

While a Farmer’s Fix subscription is designed to be a healthy habit, there is never a contract or commitment. Our bespoke subscription platform gives you the flexibility to change your desired quantity and flavor of salads, pause, un-pause, and cancel on a weekly basis. Simply log in and make your changes by Wednesday evening at 11pm for next week’s delivery.

What if I forgot to make a selection this week?

We will bring you the same delicious salads you had last week! Many of our customers only change their selections when we introduce new exciting flavors!


How is the delivery to me so convenient?

You don’t have to be home! Your Fix will be waiting for you in an insulated bag packed with re-usable ice packs. Simply leave that bag and ice pack out on your next delivery day, and more handcrafted healthiness will be ready for you when you get home.

What is the delivery charge?

Delivery is free for all orders of $50 or more.  We charge a $6 delivery fee on smaller orders.

What if I live in a gated community or a high-rise condo?

Please include delivery instructions when you place your order (gate code, leave with neighbor / leasing office, etc.) and we will do our best to ninja these delicious salads to your doors.


How does the pricing work?

$10 per salad. Always.

Add chicken to any salad for $3, tofu for $2, or hard-boiled egg for $1.

Free delivery when ordering $50 or more per week.

$6 delivery fee for smaller orders.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No minimum.  Order as many as you plan to eat.

What is my order deadline?

The weekly order cutoff is every Wednesday at 11:00pm for deliveries the following Sunday or Monday. Any new orders, or changes to existing orders, made after 11PM on Wednesday will be part of the following week’s deliveries.

About Us

What is Farmer’s Fix?

We are a San Diego salad company offering weekly subscriptions of delicious salads delivered to you. Our amazing salads are made in small batches, and we only source (and handcraft) our organic grains and greens after orders are confirmed each week to ensure maximum freshness for you.

What’s so special?

Our menu: this isn’t your grocery store rabbit-food salad. All of our flavorful dressings are handmade without artificial additives. We chose fulfilling grains such as lentils, farro, quinoa, and forbidden rice as our protein base because of our belief that meat is not a prerequisite to a satisfying and delicious salad. We want your Fix to be as phenomenal on day 5 as they are on day 1 in your fridge.

Why subscription?

The key to living healthy is developing good habits.  Our model makes it easy for our clients to eat healthy consistently, every week.  With the ability to mix it up every week if you want (remember: trying new salads is part of the fun!), the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, or even skip a week if you’re going out of town, Farmer’s Fix can be tailored on a weekly basis to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Why delivery?

Sustainable healthy eating can’t be a one-off; It is achieved by establishing a positive pattern and forming a good habit. By bringing the solution to your door, our vision is to encourage a healthful diet by making your easiest food choice the healthiest food choice.

Why is it for me?

In my past career on wall street and technology consulting, I didn’t take care of my body because I never had time. At the end of a long day, I reached for the easiest solution to feed myself — which rarely contained REAL nutrients and vitamins. We set out to help people sustain a diet of all-natural grains and vegetables by making Farmer’s Fix the easiest way to eat healthy.

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