Getting Started

What am I signing up for?

Farmer’s Fix is a weekly meal-plan service.  Every week we bring healthy, ready-to-eat meals of your choosing to your home or office.

You can change your meals, pause, or cancel anytime.

Our goal is simple: help our clients eat healthy by doing all the work for them.

How does it work?

You choose the meals you want, from our menu of healthy and delicious salads and entrees.  We deliver a week’s worth at a time, on Sunday or Monday, your choice.

Our job is to design the recipes, shop, cook, and deliver your delicious meals.  Your job is to eat.

What if I need help ordering?

We pride ourselves on customer service.   Contact Us to receive help via phone or email.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We believe in local, fresh, healthy ingredients.

We use a variety of local produce experts, including Specialty Produce.  Most of our ingredients are organic.

Our beef comes from local pasture-raised cattle.

Our chickens are free-range and air-chilled.

We never use frozen ingredients of any kind.

I hate plastic waste. What should I do?

We also hate plastic waste.  That’s why we use biodegradable packaging.  All of our meals are served in containers that are made from plants, and turn into soil when composted.

We reuse our insulated cooler bags and icepacks for delivery to prevent waste.  You can help us by leaving your cooler bag out on delivery day to be collected.


What is your approach to nutrition?

We start with Michael Pollan’s thesis: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.  We don’t use the “edible food-like substances” common in the modern American diet.

We then balance the three macronutrients – protein, carbohydrate, and fat – to created well-rounded meals that keep you full.  We choose lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy unsaturated fats.

We pick ingredients that are densely packed with nutrients (like spinach) over ones that are not (like iceberg lettuce).

All of our recipes are created in consultation with our in-house nutritionist.

How many calories are in your meals?  How many carbs?

We offer a wide range of calorie counts across our menu, so people of all body sizes and nutrition goals can find something that works for them.  You can see all the numbers here.

What if I am allergic to something or have a special diet?

We label the “big 8” allergens on all our meal descriptions.  We’re also happy to answer questions – if you have a question, please ask.


Is my Farmer’s Fix order a subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your no-commitment subscription anytime.

Eating healthy isn’t a single act, it’s a habit built over time.  Getting healthy food delivered every week lets you establish that healthy habit with one good decision.

I’m going out of town! Can I pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription anytime, for as long as you like.  Just select the date you’d like your next delivery.  Subscriptions must be paused by Wednesday 11PM to skip delivery on the following Sunday or Monday.

What if I forgot to make a selection this week?

We will bring you the same delicious meals you had last week! Many of our customers only change their selections when we introduce new exciting flavors.


Do I need to be home for delivery?

You don’t have to be home! Your Fix will be waiting for you in an insulated bag packed with re-usable ice packs. Simply leave that bag and ice pack out on your next delivery day, and more handcrafted healthiness will be ready for you when you get home.

What is the delivery charge?

Delivery is free for all orders of $50 or more.  We charge a $6 delivery fee on smaller orders.

What if I live in a gated community or a high-rise condo?

Please include delivery instructions when you place your order (gate code, leave with neighbor / leasing office, etc.) and we will do our best to ninja these delicious salads to your doors.


How does the pricing work?

Pricing works just like at a restaurant – each meal has a cost, and you only pay for what you order.  No tip required.

All salads are priced at $10.  Add chicken to any salad for $3, tofu for $2, or hard-boiled egg for $1.

Entrees cost between $12 and $15.

Delivery is free when ordering $50 or more per week.

We add a $6 delivery fee for smaller orders.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No minimum.  Order as many as you plan to eat.

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