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Seasonal Eats

When our days are managed by routines, calendar notifications, and constant to-do’s, it’s not hard to overlook our place in the natural world. We hate it when the sun starts setting earlier in the day. This seasonal adjustment might not just be reflected in the available sunshine. It can also be seen in our eating […]



Our Chopped Chinese salad

We’ve all been there. You want something healthy to eat, but every healthy option has something missing — it’s not filling, it doesn’t taste right, or it just looks like a bowl of rabbit food. Or maybe you’ve actually gone to the trouble to get all the perfect ingredients together. Fantastic! Now you have to […]



Healthy & Ice Cream, now in the same sentence!

Even though summer is official over, the Farmer’s Fix team believes that ice cream is a treat for all seasons. While we aren’t delivering delicious salads to you, we like to experiment making food with different healthy ingredients. Nothing puts a smile on your face like ice cream, or better yet “nice cream”, so we […]

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